About Autogenic Conditioning

Autogenic conditioning is a proven method of improving performance and has been used extensively inprofessional sports by world
class athletes and Olympic champions.

This page will give you a brief history of autogenic conditioning and show you how to do it. Autogenic conditioning is a simple relaxation and
visualization technique.

In autogenics, various parts of the body are relaxed with simple phrases of language until a state of deep relaxation is obtained. Then,
visualizations are used to stimulate the creative imagination. It brings a pleasant warmth and heaviness to the limbs and torso.

It is accurate to think of autogenic training as deep relaxation combined with guided imagery. Autogenic means self-generating. It is possible
to do the technique yourself with practice.


How to do Autogenic Conditioning

1. Position yourself either sitting or lying down. Make sure your body is relaxed in the position you choose. If you choose a seated position,
choose a chair that
does not support your back. A stool would work fine.

2. Concentrate on the sensations of warmth and heaviness in your arms and legs for one minute. As you concentrate on your arms and legs repeat
phrases like: "My
arms are heavy. My legs are heavy and warm. My legs and my arms are very, very heavy. Heavy and warm. Heavy and warm arms and legs".

3. Concentrate on the sensations of warmth in your heart area for one minute, repeating phrases like: "My heart is warm. My heart is beating
calmly and regularly.
Healthy, calm and regular beating of my heart".

4. Focus on your breathing for a minute, repeating phrases like: My breathing is very calm and very relaxed. Every breath I take is calm, relaxed and
healthy. In, calm.
Out relax".

5. Focus on the sensations of warmth in your stomach area for one minute, repeating phrases like: "My stomach is warm and relaxed. Warm and relaxed.
My entire stomach
area is warm and relaxing more and more".

6. Concentrate on the sensation of coolness at your forehead for one minute, repeating phrases like: My forehead is cool and relaxed. I feel my forehead,
it's very cool,
very relaxed".

7. Now you will be in a profoundly relaxed state. Steps one through six create profound relaxation.

At this point, visualize yourself performing perfectly in a particular situation you're imagining. Imagine performing at your best. This is an imaginary
scene and isn't meant to be 'realistic'. See yourself in 'perfect form'.

8. After your visualization, which will only last a couple minutes, count your self back up to an awakened state. Simply count from one to five, knowing that
on five you will open your eyes feeling fine.

You can say something like this:

"One...I'm waking up ...now. Two ..I'm calm and relaxed..and beginning to move now ....gently. Three...Im breathing regularly now..and waking up...Four ...I'm
moving a little bit...(move your fingers..move your toes gently) Five...Im opening my eyes now ..feeling healthy and refreshed!"

Open your eye s...feeling great.



Autogenic training has been shown to have both psychological and physiological benefits, and has been used successfully in the treatment
of Raynaud's disease, migraine headaches, insomnia, hypertension, bronchial asthma, indigestion, ulcers, tuberculosis, and diabetes.

In one study, pregnant women were found to experience less pain and less anxiety during childbirth when they used autogenic techniques.

A Brief History of Autogenic Conditioning

The original method was created by German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz in 1932. It was later used by German athletic trainers to
enhance athletic performance.

The German trainers noticed a significant increase in athletic ability and skill among their athletes who were doing the 'relaxed
visualization techniques.'
They began using autogenic conditioning on a regular basis.

For many years, in the 1940's and 1950's, German athletes dominated the Olympic Games, winning most of the medals. Years later, their
'secret' was discovered.
It was the autogenic conditioning practices they had been doing.

Autogenic conditioning is now used widely throughout the world and is often combined with biofeedback techniques to create a vast array
of positive results.



Before using this technique, or any profound relaxation method which could alter your respiration and heartbeat, check with your doctor. Relaxation
techniques like this one alter your respiration and heartbeat in measurable ways.

Never use this technique if you have a heart problem or have a serious health problem. In doing this technique you accept complete liability and responsibility for its effect on your mind and body.


For Best Results

If you really want to show yourself what autogenic conditioning can do, come to The Mental Edge Seminar and learn how to do it well.

At The Mental Edge, you'll learn an invaluable set of insights that will help you do the process much more masterfully. They'll significantly increase the results you can get from your use of autogenic conditioning.

One essential set of distinctions that are vital to maximizing your use of autogenic conditioning is knowing how and when to associate and dissociate into and out of your visualized scene.

Obviously these steps involve some subtleties and reading them is not the same as being coached on how to do them by someone who is skilled already.

Once you've been taught this technique, the real secret is to repeat this process nightly for a week or two. A month is exceptional. In 3 months you can completely program your subconscious mind for success.

In over two decades of studying, practicing, modeling and teaching various positive programming techniques, I can tell you with certainty that autogenic conditioning is one of the premiere methods anyone could use to positively condition their mind for success. It's truly a world class technique.


Special Tips

"DO IT JUST LIKE THIS" is the message you are sending to your subconscious mind while
you are in a profoundly relaxed state. You can repeat the phrase "Do it just like this" over a
nd over as you visualize yourself performing your chosen activity perfectly. This will create exceptional results!

Also, don't be in a hurry to do the visualizations. What makes autogenic conditioning so
effective is that the visualizations are done in a truly altered state; one of extreme relaxation.

So take your time and enjoy relaxing those body parts as you repeat the
relaxation phrases at the same time. It's really a very pleasant experience.

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