Our Ambassador Referral Program

Start Making Money When You Refer
People to Our Training Programs


How Our Ambassador Program Works

1. Sign up for our Ambassador program on this page.

2. Receive an Ambassador number. We'll e-mail it to you.

3. Put your number on tickets we give you, flyers we'll email you, and email copy we'll send you. Simply hand out the tickets and email friends and colleagues the flyer we've given you.


How You Get Paid

Your ambassador number is on every ticket and flyer you give to others and it gives them a DISCOUNT off of seminars and programs we offer. So they will always use your Ambassador number when they enroll. You're giving them something valuable and are saving them money.

When someone enrolls in any of our training programs using YOUR ambassador number, you will be PAID 10% of the tuition they pay us.


How FAST You Can Make Money

Say you hand out 25 tickets (or e-mail 25 friends) about one of our upcoming events. 10 of those 25 people show up to the event and 3 of them enroll in our Life Coach Certification training AND Business of Life Coaching training.

Tuition for those trainings starts at $750 and $1250 respectively. That's $2000 in tuition, per person. Total tuition for all 3 attendees you referred us is $6,000.

You will receive 10% of that $6,000, which is $600. We'll mail you a check the next month.

We will pay you 10% of every tuition dollar we receive from those you refer. This 10% applies to LIVE in-person trainings only - not to any online programs.

And it adds up FAST!

We will mail you commissions due you on a monthly basis - or if you wish, apply your commissions as discounts off any of our programs that you are currently enrolled in.


How To Join & Start Making Money

To become an Ambassador, simply fill out this quick form below.

We'll email your Ambassador # to you in 24-48 hours.

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