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An Advanced Hypnotic Language Training


Hypnosis NLP seminar in Denver Colorado
Master the art of hypnotic language and influence patterns in this Advanced Hypnosis and Language Patterns Training!

If you're ready to take the POWER of your language to a level beyond anything you've ever imagined . . . this course will teach you how to do it.

We cover 8 core modules in depth, and you'll learn how to use The Milton Model, the cornerstone of conversational Ericksonian hypnosis.

If you like language - you'll LOVE this training.


Would You Like To

Influence and communicate with yourself and others more effectively and elegantly.

Develop extraordinary sensory acuity to recognize and use non-verbal cues.

Learn to use Ericksonian hypnosis to deepen trance states and to potentiate resources.

Learn how to use hypnotic language patterns to change limiting beliefs, structure a new and more useful self image and identity, facilitate outcomes and enhance values and relationships, all in the space of a normal conversation.



Learn how to do a hypnotic induction and, how to deepen the trance state, manage it safely and return consciousness to a wakeful state. Learn conversational inductions and deepening techniques.

Rapid Inductions
Special rapid induction methods are included in this training.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions
How to create, use and test post hypnotic suggestions and use future pacing to make behaviors and changes permanent.

Deepening Techniques
Learn what fractional hypnosis is, how to use it to deepen trance and trigger post hypnotic suggestions.

Self Hypnosis
Learn how to create a state of self hypnosis, deepen it and use it to positively program your subconscious mind for the attainment of your goals.

If you complete all assignments with an 80% score or better, you will be issued a special certification of completion in Hypnosis NLP as a Certified Hypnotist.

Exercise: Using the Master Attitudes in Daily Situations.
Exercise: Advanced Rapport Practices
Exercise: Perceiving The World Through Ericksonian Eyes


I've taken NLP Hypnosis from April-June, 2013 and since then I've used it in my daily self talk and conversation with other people.

I am happy to say I am now very compassionate to myself and I can initiate a meaningful conversation with other people.

Also, I now consider myself a magnet of useful resources and I always get them at a perfect time. My deepest gratitude to DenverSeminars.com and to Alexander. Lynn L

Coaching and Therapeutic Change Practice

Special practice exercises and techniques are included in this module for using your hypnotic language for the purpose of therapeutic change.

Class members will have the opportunity to practice the patterns with each other in order to attain specific behavioral objectives.


Future Pacing

Future pacing is the skill of placing a resource into a persons future time line, so that it's there automatically, at the specific time and place when its needed most.

Future pacing is an advanced, linguistic form of post hypnotic suggestion.

Time Distortion

You'll also learn specific Ericksonian language patterns for installing resources into the future and into the past, time distortion techniques and how and why to create pseudo-orientation in time.

Exercise: Using Hypnotic Language in Therapeutic Change
Exercise: Future Pacing Resources Using Hypnotic Language
Exercise: Time Distortion Patterns and Uses
Exercise: Placing Resources Into The Past And Future


Self Hypnosis and Self Talk

Handout: Directing Internal Processes With Hypnotic Language

Self hypnosis techniques One of the reasons to learn NLP Hypnosis, also known as The Milton Model, is so you can begin applying it to your own self talk and internal processes.

Learn to hear and eliminate negative self talk, and direct your OWN internal processes so that new, positive and generative thought patterns are on auto pilot.

Remember - energy flows where attention goes - and ATTENTION IS DIRECTED BY . . . LANGUAGE!

When you realize that these skills are really about directing your own energy and attention with masterful precision - the decision to enroll in this training and get the change you need is easy.

Installing generative self talk tracks

Make your mind a friendly place - all the time

Triggering your own subconscious resources

How to use the patterns to access intuition and guidance

Using language to trigger high performance states

Exercise: The Self Talk Patterns
Exercise: Raja Yoga Techniques for Positive Mental Conditioning
Exercise: Creating the Self Talk Manager Habit


Analog Marking

Analog marking is a set of techniques for 'marking out' your commands and instructions to the subconscious mind.

An additional set of physical techniques are also highly valuable. They include the use of gestures, facial expressions movements etc. to mark out commands and test for congruency - create "yes" sets and much more.

Once you learn how to do analog marking - you will literally be directing the subconscious mind with a power and precision that will amaze even you.

And you'll know how and when the subconscious mind is responding!

Analog marking puts you in direct contact with the subconscious mind of others.

It will take the language patterns you've learned and the skills you have developed in our prior weekend trainings - and multiply their power, precision and effectiveness exponentially.

Exercise: Analog Marketing Embedded Commands
Exercise: Analog Marking in Multiple Modalities
Exercise: Tracking and Testing Your Analog Marks


Cultivating Super Sensory Acuity

Hypnosis and NLP sensory acuity skillsIn Ericksonian Hypnosis, we develop a very high degree of sensory acuity.

Sensory acuity is the ability to notice 'minimal cues'.

Those are extremely subtle unconscious,
physical and verbal responses in others.

Sensory acuity turns your hypnotic patterning into a set of sophisticated feedback loops and makes every hypnosis technique you do more powerful and effective.

Sensory acuity is the catalyst of true hypnotic power.

Milton Erickson's sensory acuity was so developed that the only accurate way to describe it is to say it was simply . . . OFF -- THE -- SCALE.

In this module, and throughout our trainings together, you'll learn how to raise your sensory acuity significantly and use it to:

Determine congruency and incongruence in others
Use eye accessing cues
Utilize the images people are making
Notice facial color changes and breathing pattern changes
Calibrate to eye dilation and unconscious abreactions
Know what emotional states people are in at any moment
Calibrate to readiness so you know what to do next
Measure the depth of trance states
Measure how deeply your suggestions are taking effect
Elicit cognitive strategies - like convincer, decision
Notice subtle cues to adjust your approach

Exercise: Sensory Acuity the Up Time Amplifier
Exercise: Calibrating on Multiple Levels
Exercise: 25 Minimal Cues To Notice
Exercise: Attention To Other


Your Trainer

Your Trainer is Alexander Van BurenAlexander Van Buren has been presenting and teaching NLP and hypnotic language for over 18 years.

He's a Master Practitioner, Innovator and Trainer of NLP.

His original NLP patterns and concepts have been published in Anchorpoint magazine, The Sourcebook of Magic (Crown House Publishing) and The BIg Book of NLP.

He has given presentations on hypnosis and peak performance at Stanford University for the Stanford Executive Program Graduate School of Business.

His corporate clients include Toshiba, Paramount Pictures, The US Army, DALCO, Moretrench Corporation, Bluegreen Corp., Nevada Corporate Planners, The Army Corps of Engineers and many more.


What You'll Learn

The Basic Principles of Hypnosis NLP

Learn The Practices of Dr. Milton H. Erickson

Handouts: The Master Attitudes, The Main Patterns, Erickson.

Learn what Ericksonian hypnosis really is, why it’s so effective and how it differs from traditional hypnosis.

Discover the main skills of Ericksonian hypnosis and the NLP hypnosis model. Practice the attitudes Erickson used.

Get the key aspects of the Milton Model and hypnotic uses of rapport, framing, utilization, time frames, presuppositions and altered states.


Advanced Rapport Techniques

The NLP Hypnosis methodology begins with matching the clients world and subconscious processes in numerous subtle ways.

You'll learn how to:

Have integrity in all your NLP hypnosis work
Pace subconscious processes
Match the clients operating metaphor
Deal effectively with resistance
Pace on multiple conscious and subconscious levels
Pace and lead into trance states to facilitate change
Know when NOT to pace or create rapport
Lead non verbally
Create deep rapport very quickly
Use sensory acuity to track the level of your rapport
Measure the depth of your rapport instantly

The Main Patterns

Handout: The Milton Model - NLP Hypnosis

a. The presuppositions and presuppositioning
b. Embedded commands and suggestions
c. Spatial anchoring
d. Using sensory acuity to verify subconscious responses
e. Rapport, verbal pacing and leading of current experience
f. Utilization of conscious and unconscious responses
g. Pseudo orientation in time and time distortion
h. Using visual, auditory, kinesthetic modalities
i. Cause and effect beliefs and complex equivalents
j. Nominalizations
k. Using quotes and stacking realities
l. Time released suggestions
m. Mind reading
n. Lost performatives
o. Modal operators
p. Universal quantifiers
q. Tag questions
r. Comparative deletions
s. Splitting conscious and subconscious attention
t. Rapid inductions and triggering altered states
u. Polarity techniques
v. Creating and utilizing confusion and overload
w. Refractionation methods
x. Creating catalepsy and physical responses
y. Association and dissociation techniques
z. Ambiguity and organ language

Exercise: Spinning Patterns
Exercise: Applying The Master Attitudes of Erickson
Exercise: Ericksonian Technique Conditioning


Mastering Hypnotic Patterns

Handout: Applying the Milton Model to Outcomes

Hypnosis and NLP Techniques
In this module, you'll learn how to use the hypnosis language patterns you've learned in highly skillful ways.



a. Fun using the patterns: drills and practice exercises.

b. Applying the main patterns for self mastery and the attainment of goals.

c. Utilizing the patterns to facilitate therapeutic change.

d. Utilizing the patterns in writing, on web pages and in brochures.

e. Rapid trance techniques for creating altered states quickly.


Work With A Partner

Create therapeutic trance states with a partner using your new hypnosis language patterns and learn how to powerfully direct your language patterns so that they create measurable and positive change.

Exercise: Conversational pattern spinning
Exercise: Create trance the Ericksonian way
Exercise: The Art of Giving Embedded Commands


Coaching Applications & Therapeutic Change

Handouts: Several Therapeutic Change Handouts

Installing resources and resourcefulness
Triggering subconscious capabilities
Increasing choice, flexibility and capabilities
Creating and deepening altered states and trances
Conversational future pacing
Pseudo-orientation in time


Pattern Stacking

When you can skillfully combine the Ericksonian language patterns and NLP techniques you've learned, you will have achieved a very high degree of mastery in the art of conversational hypnosis.

NLP and hypnosis are at their best when they are generated in confluence, in other words, when the patterns are "stacked".

Stacking patterns means to combine them in layers one after another and even simultaneously.

This is important because it is precisely this overload of patterns and message units, that overwhelms the conscious mind and causes a person go into a trance.

This module contains a set of fun round robin exercises that will show you how to combine the hypnosis and NLP techniques you've learned into an artful tapestry of linguistic influence.

This single ability is the mark of a master hypnotist.

Amplification Patterns

This module also contains a special set of amplification language patterns for increasing the intensity of emotional states, creating deeper trance and making positive patterns more generative, automatic and long lasting.


You are now at an entirely new level of hypnotic skill.

The hypnosis and NLP patterns you use are combined with analog marking, high sensory acuity, amplification patterns, therapeutic interventions that catalyze resources and capabilities, the ability to utilize the non-verbal responses of others and, as if that weren't enough . . . all of these patterns are stacked and layered in the simple act of speaking.

Exercise: Weaving and Stacking Hypnotic Patterns
Exercise: Combining NLP and Hypnosis
Exercise: Advanced Pattern Stacking
Exercise: The Amplification Bridge
Exercise: How to Practice and Get Better on Your Own


Also Included

Hypnosis and NLP Scripts NLP Hypnosis Manual

You'll receive a comprehensive course training manual in a 3 ring binder with over 50 pages of instructions, patterns, exercises and insights.

Original patterns, inductions and much more are included in this workbook.

The hypnosis and NLP patterns in this seminar are included in this manual with complete word for word scripts to help you learn and memorize new phrases of hypnotic language.

Scripts for inducing hypnosis conversationally, changing behaviors, criteria and presuppostions, deepening the hypnotic state, amplifiers and suggestibility patterns are all included.

In addition, the complete Milton Model is laid out in detail.

Special Flash Cards are also included to help you master the new language patterns.


1. This is an advanced course in the Milton Model and is ideal for anyone with no experience of Ericksonian Hypnosis or the Hypnosis NLP model. Previous hypnotherapy or NLP training is ideal but not required.

2. This training is filled with lots of practice exercises, round robin interactions, quizzes and game-style adult learning methods so you'll have fun as you learn new ways to communicate, hypnotize, and facilitate change in yourself and others.

3. Your ability to use Milton Model and Hypnosis NLP applications on such things as re framing, changing beliefs etc. will depend to some extent upon your existing knowledge and experience of NLP.

4. Certification certificates of Certified Hypnotist will be issued to those who achieve an 80% or better score on all the assignments and tests.


When, Where and How Much

This seminar is scheduled once a year in Denver.

It's a 3 day weekend usually held on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday from 10am to 5pm each day.

Our training facility in Denver.

How Much

$1997 per person.

Special discounts are available for our certified coaches.

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