Master Coach Training

Curriculum & Interventions

Our Master Coach Training offers several positive change patterns and interventions that are not
available in any other life coach training anywhere in the world.

Learn the curriculum and change patterns shown on this page
at our Master Coach Certification Training in Denver.

Prerequisites None

Learn Change Patterns & Interventions

Here are some of the 27 therapeutic interventions you'll learn in this training:

The Eliminate Procrastination Pattern ®
An original pattern that eliminates procrastination forever.It creates a sense of urgency and links it to things that need to be done.

The Eliminate Clutter Pattern ®

An original change pattern that helps anyone eliminate clutter.

Change Personal History
This amazing pattern will show you how to go back into a person's memories and neutralize a painful memory from the past. This can create a life changing experience for someone who is suffering from a painful memory.

Mapping Across
Identify the structure of what someone does well in one area of their life, then move that resource and it's structure to a different area of the person's life in which they need that resource.

As an example, if a person is confident in one area of their life, but not confident in another, this pattern will show you how to get the structure of their confidence and move it over "map it across" so they have confidence in the desired context.

The Circle of Resourcefulness
Trigger positive emotional states at will and link them to goals and outcomes. Replace painful emotions with more pleasant and resourceful ones.

The Levels of Change
Know how to identify the level that a person's problem is on and then use change patterns on that level to achieve the desired results.

The New Behavior Generator
A classic NLP change pattern for generating new behaviors in any context and making certain that they are ecological.

The Champion's Outcome Frame ®
A modeled pattern for achieving goals more quickly and effortlessly.

The VIsual Swish - Positive Self Image Process
A generative self image pattern that can also be used for eliminating phobias and unwanted thoughts. An auditory and kinesthetic version is also available.

Creating a Compelling Future
This is a way of representing the future in a way that motivates a person to take action. It's a way of making goals appealing and exciting. It's also a way to link action to the very thought of a particular goal.

A Motivation Strategy
The cognitive syntax (mental steps) of a modeled motivation strategy. A reliable way to be motivated. This motivation strategy utilizes the positive emotions to be motivated.

The Productivity Pattern ®
A series of distinctions that increases productivity and effectiveness.

The Quantum Leap Components ®
The modeled pattern for attaining a sudden acceleration in accomplishment. The pattern involves using LESS effort to attain much greater results.

The Fast Phobia Cure - Eliminate Trauma Procedure
A classic pattern for removing phobias and eliminating the painful memories of a traumatic experience.

The Passion and Purpose Pattern ®
A behaviorally modeled pattern for increasing one's passion and sense of purpose and direction.

Self Confidence - The Secret and the Structure ®
A step by step process for increasing self confidence ecologically.

The Small Chunk Progress Stack ®
An original pattern for continually experiencing a sense of progress. It includes the complete structure of progress and may be applied to any area of life.

The Emotional State Model
This is the complete model of using emotions as resources and dwelling in positive emotional states more of the time. It is especially valuable for utilizing unpleasant emotions resourcefully and getting out of negative and destructive emotions.

Ecology Evaluator ®
A way to ensure that any change process is ecological. Ecology means making certain that any change is aligned with a person's value system and does not create any additional problems in any other area of their life.

The Outcome Frame
A highly effective way of specifying outcomes and helping a client move from a problem frame to a more goal oriented direction. A way of forming outcomes so that they are more readily achieved.

The Well Formedness Conditions
The NLP based conditions for specifying outcomes. It includes a precise way of eliminating secondary gain that so often holds people back from changing.

Anchoring Emotional States
The method for triggering emotional states at will so that their corresponding resources can be tapped and utilized.

The 7 Step Coaching Process
An elegant and effective process for coaching others. It includes building rapport, identifying blocks, pinpointing resources, checking ecology and installing resources so they are permanent.

Future Pacing
One of the most essential patterns in all change work. Future pacing gives you the ability to install any resource in the future of a time line so that it is permanent.

For a resource to be future paced, it must trigger automatically, trigger at the exact place and time that it is needed, and trigger without any conscious effort.

Future pacing is part of all our positive change patterns, and is generally conducted after doing a thorough ecology check.

Eliminate An Internal Critical Voice
An auditory change pattern that eliminates the habit of negative self talk and self critical statements.

Trans-Derivational Search
A trans-derivational search is a way of using anchoring to go back into a person's time line, and identify the exact experience in their personal history that is causing current difficulties.

Belief Change Patterns
Learn how to identify the two structures of beliefs, elicit optimum new beliefs and change beliefs ecologically. Belief and identify (beliefs about ourselves) level change is the highest level of change work possible.


Learn Advanced Coaching Skills

Become a certified life coach
This training will teach you the most advanced coaching skills.

In addition to numerous therapeutic interventions, you'll also learn advanced language patterns and a comprehensive model for eliciting and changing beliefs.

The first 6 skills of NLP are contained in our Life Coach Certification Training.

This training gives you the second 6 skills of NLP for a total of 12, making you a Certified NLP Practitioner and Master Coach.

See the 12 skills of NLP.


Your 3-day Weekend Curriculum


Review, Language Patterns & Interventions

This training begins with a quick review of the patterns and techniques you learned in your Life Coach Certification Training.

Advanced Rapport For Coaches
Learn how to begin every coaching session by creating unusually deep rapport and trust with your clients.Guide clients from problem states to more resourceful states using subtle rapport techniques and non verbal feedback.

Outcome Clarification
Review the use of "The Outcome Frame" you learned in our Life Coach Certification training and take it to the next level to help your clients create a well formulated goal.

Well Formedness
Recognize when outcomes are improperly formed and how to help your clients re-form and construct an outcome that is more likely to be achieved.

The Outcome Frame often ends up being an intervention in and of itself because it will empower you to bring so much clarity to your clients. This clarity is often something that clients desperately need. The Outcome Frame is NOT goal setting or 'smart goals'.

Secondary Gain
Identify secondary gain issues that can prevent a person from getting the change they desire.

An Elegant Coaching Process
Learn a 7 step coaching process to use as a guide for conducting all your coaching sessions.

Language Patterns & Elicitation Questions
Learn how to use language to identify and pinpoint where and how a person is stuck and is limiting themselves. Know for sure which resources and interventions will be most helpful for a particular client.

Begin delving into the many therapeutic interventions that are the heart of this training and using advanced language patterns to make them highly effective.

Advanced Language Patterns
Learn how to elicit the structure of your client's 'map of the world' using language. Use language to install patterns, change beliefs, elicit resources and alter the perceptual frame of any situation.


Day #

Amazing Therapeutic Interventions

Therapeutic Interventions

At this weekend, you will learn several of the most effective therapeutic change patterns ever devised, and have a chance to practice them with other students.

The master process for doing change patterns ecologically will be explained in detail and demonstrated.

Based on the groups preferences some of the many change patterns of NLP will be selected, demonstrated and practiced.

Once you learn how to do a few of these patterns well, it will provide you with a GATEWAY into doing an unlimited number of change processes.

Re framing and Emotional State Management

Your job as a life coach is not to solve people's problems. Problems are always driven by problem states.

Your job is to elegantly shift people out of limiting and 'stuck' emotional states to resourceful states where they are much more creative, capable and empowered.

You'll come away from this day with the ability to do several therapeutic interventions and to create positive change rapidly and well.


Day #

Belief Change and Practice

Belief Change
The focus of this third day is practice and improvement.

Now that you are using advanced language patterns and therapeutic interventions, it's time to put it all together.

In round robin sessions, you'll do coaching sessions for most of the people in the room.

Your instructor will help you make certain improvements that will raise the quality of your coaching skills.

You'll add numerous subtleties and distinctions all weekend long that will put your coaching skills at a surprisingly high level.

You will come away with the confidence that you have the skills and ability to conduct effective coaching sessions and can utilize multiple interventions and change patterns.

Belief Change
On day 3 you will also practice eliciting and changing beliefs with other students. Changing beliefs requires thorough ecology checks because new beliefs can create a profound change in your client.

You'll learn:

The most effective patterns for changing beliefs
Advanced ecology for changing beliefs
How to lock in the new belief so it's permanent
How to recognize limiting beliefs
The two structural forms of every belief
Building clusters of empowering beliefs
Installing new beliefs with language
When NOT to change a belief



Complete This Course -> Certified Master Coach

Complete This Course AND our Life Coach Certification Training -> Certified NLP Practitioner and Master Coach

Certification is from the NLP & Coaching Institute of Colorado.


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