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0. Why should I choose your trainings instead of others that are available?

1. How much does it cost to get certified?
2. How can I know if this career is right for me?
3. How much do life coaches really make?
4. What's the best way to choose a life coach training institute?
5. Is Life Coaching a good career during a recession?
6. How long does it take to become a life coach - in your program?
7. What should I watch out for as I consider this career?
8. Can you learn to be a life coach online?
9. What is a life coach?
10. I'm enrolled in your certification program, how can I prepare?
11. What software do I need to run my life coaching business?
12. What are the STEPS to becoming a professional certified life coach?

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0. Why should I choose your trainings instead of others that are available?

For three reasons:

1. We have one of the best, in-depth curriculums available anywhere in the country
This is important. 90% or more of the trainings available today are teaching a dumbed-down version of
coaching. Graduates aren't getting the skills they need to be excellent coaches.
Our curriculum, now in it's 19th year of success is the real thing. It contains numerous proven change patterns
and techniques and therapeutic interventions that will make you an amazing resource to others.
See our Life Coach Certification Training page and our Master Coach page for details.

2. We have the best marketing training for life coaches in the country
Marketing your life coaching business is 60% of your success or more. Most other institutes promise
some kind of marketing, but it falls FAR SHORT of what you really need. We excel at the marketing and we teach
specific plans for earning 50k a year and 100k a year as a life coach.
See our Business of Life Coaching page for details.

3. We offer REAL support, AFTER you graduate
Most life coach institutes offer general, vague promises of support. Be careful! Don't believe them. Anyone
can promise support just to get you to sign up for their programs. We have a formal monthly support program
that you can sign up for that gives you specific benefits.
See our Professional Life Coach Support Program for details.

In summary, great coaching skills AND great marketing skills will make you successful as a life coach.
We shine in both of these areas PLUS we offer strong support after you graduate to help you succeed.

We encourage you to compare our curriculums, our marketing training and our support program to any
other life coach institute in the country.


1. How much does it cost to get certified?

Our 3-day Life Coach Certification Training in Denver is $750 (early bird tuition) and $895 regular tuition.

To be a successful coach you also need to learn how to market and promote your coaching services.
Our 3-day Business of Life Coaching training is $1250 for our certified coaches.

Both trainings come to around $2000 to $2145.

Please notice that these TWO TRAININGS give you everything you need to be a successful coach; exceptional coaching skills AND the ability to create a thriving business with lots of clients.

MOST other life coach trainings available in the United States do not teach these two things in depth. Far too many of them are teaching 'dumbed-down' versions of coaching and of marketing. This is one of the most important things for you to understand if you're seriously considering a career as a life coach.

Of all the understandings you could have about this career, knowing that you need excellent COACHING skills AND excellent MARKETING skills - is probably the single most important thing you could know.

Yes, cost is a consideration. Just be sure you get great coaching training and great marketing training or your coaching career won't go very far.

Also, it's important to remember you'll need to set up a home office when you become a professional coach.

So there are some set up costs associated with starting a small business and small monthly marketing costs as well.

You'll need to invest in a database program like ACT! and a money management program like Microsoft Money to manage your small business cash flow and clients.

Here is a list of ALL our Life Coaching and NLP related trainings and our current tuition rates.

2. How can I know if this career is right for me?

We have created a special set of articles / audios called The 7 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Life Coach. They will help you determine if this career is right for you.

Get your FREE audios at Free Audios

The other way to learn if this career is right for you is to come to one of our Evening of Life Coaching workshops. The career of life coaching is covered in detail at these workshops and you can ask questions and see a demonstration of life coaching.

It's an affordable way to learn about this career in depth.

Here's our next Evening of Life Coaching.

3. How much do life coaches really make?

Life coach salaries start at $100 an hour and go up from there. If you learn how to market and promote your coaching services you can make more than $100 an hour.

An income of $50,000 a year is a good place to start. This is quite doable once you learn how to market your coaching services.

Coaches can make quite a lot more than that.

Here's an overview of the 3 income levels of a life coach.

Our Business of Life Coaching seminar will teach you how to create a 6 figure income from life coaching.

4. What's the best way to choose a life coach training institute?

A complete set of criteria for you to consider is in our 7 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a LIfe Coach articles / audios.

Get them FREE here -> FREE Audios

5. Is life coaching a good career during a recession?

Yes! In fact, people need the support and stability of coaching MORE during uncertain times.

People often seek out coaching when times are difficult and threatening. While some clients may drop due to their financial condition, you may actually see an increase in your number of clients during political and economic upheavals.


6. How long does it take to become a life coach - in your program?

The two trainings we recommend are

1. Life Coach Certification Training -> 3 days - coaching skills
2. The Business of Life Coaching - > 3 days - marketing and promotion skills

They're usually scheduled around 3 months apart.

Once you've completed both trainings, it will take about 6 months to set up a successful coaching business. Some people do it faster and some more slowly - it all depends on how proactively you market your coaching business.


7. What should I watch out for as I consider this career?

As you look at this career and consider becoming a full time or part time life coach, be sure to watch out for THREE THINGS:

1. Dumbed-Down Curriculums
The industry of life coaching was commercialized about 10-12 years ago by several companies who started offering cheap trainings and dumbed-down curriculums.

As a result, about 90% or more of Life Coach training sites you see online are teaching an over simplified questioning process and calling it coaching. It's actually a dumbed down version of coaching. Most people who are new to this profession would never know the difference.

The result is that lots of life coaches aren't really very good. They don't get many clients. They don't get repeat clients. They don't get many referrals. And they never acquire a reputation for being truly excellent at their craft. The sad part is that most of them don't know it's because their initial training was so poor.

The solution is to choose a certification training that has an 'In Depth' curriculum.

Ask about the curriculum. If it looks like it's mostly a 'questioning process' you know it's not enough. Knowing how to ask questions is the BEGINNING of being an excellent coach. Ask about advanced programs and trainings. Do they have any?

All our life coach trainings consist of very in depth curriculums.

Take a look at our Life Coach Certification Curriculum and our Master Coach & NLP Practitioner Curriculum - and compare them to other life coach certification trainings online.

Here are more than 27 therapeutic change patterns and interventions you'll learn in our Master Coach training.

Our advanced trainings include our NLP Master Practitioner Certification and our Hypnosis and NLP course. We've been teaching them for more than 19 years.

See all our beginning and advanced Life Coach & NLP Related Training programs and current tuition rates.


2. Not Nearly Enough Marketing Training

This is true of many other career schools in other professions as well. They promise you that 'job placement' is part of your training, and that it's all included. Often it turns out to be not enough. They say that just to get you to enroll.

Graduates are left with new skills and no way to find a job. Often they struggle for years to build an income.

In life coaching, it's VITAL that you get good training at Marketing and Promoting your coaching services.

Learning how to get clients is 50% or more of your career training. It's something you'll always be doing as a professional life coach.

The vast majority of life coach training academies are not offering in-depth training on this. Be wary of the empty promises on life coach training web sites when they say the marketing and/or ongoing support is all 'included'. Anyone can promise that. Ask about it in detail.

Knowing how to market your services and get LOTS of clients is far too important to leave it to chance.

Our Business of Life Coaching Training is a state of the art 3-day marketing and business growth training that will show you how to use low-cost and no-cost techniques to create a thriving life coach practice.

Perhaps the best features of this training are that it will teach you how to do "The Marketing Stuff' in your own way so it works for you. Plus . . . and this is important, learn how to make it FUN!


3. Empty Promises of Support After You Graduate --> But No Formal Support Program

Most life coach institutes you see online are promising support after you graduate.

The problem is they don't tell you how much support. They're not obligated to give it to you and may soon stop helping you.

Anyone can promise support. After all, you've already paid them for your training. Once they have your money, they may be too busy to really help you that much.

Choose a training institute that gives you a well defined and specific follow up program. You'll be starting an entirely new career - you need real support AFTER you graduate. Ask what's in the program. What do you get and just what will they do to help you?

Our Professional Coach Support Program is a structured and reliable way to get the support you need in your new coaching career.

And Finally,

Watch out for the online sites that have a "find out if life coaching is the career for you" feature, and then they ask 5-7 questions that anyone with a HEARTBEAT would answer "YES" to.

Then they exclaim - 'What a MIRICLE . . . you're perfect. Sign up here!"

The DOWN side of being a life coach (and there is one) AND a more complete and realistic set of questions to ask about this career are in our 7 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Life Coach FREE audios / articles.

It also includes some great book recommendations for choosing a career that's right for you.


8. Can you learn to be a life coach online?


While several online web sites will tell you that you can learn coaching skills over the internet, it just isn't so.

Coaching is an interactive process with another person or people. ALL the best coaches have done in-person training with a teacher.

For example:
One very important part of coaching is developing exceptional 'Sensory Acuity' skill. Sensory acuity is the ability to recognize very subtle non-verbal cues in your client.

This is a skill that you have to practice with another person and it's best to have an instructor watching you do it so you KNOW you're noticing the right kinds of signals.

Many other coaching skills are like this. You'll never know you're actually doing them correctly unless a teacher, who knows what to look for - watches you do them.


9. What is a life coach?

I life to define life coaching as:

The art and skill of helping people achieve their personal and professional goals more effectively.

A life coach is an advisor and resource who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.


10. I'm enrolled in your certification program, how can I prepare?

I recommend getting a couple of books and immersing yourself in them.

First, The Freelancer's Bible by Sara Horowitz.

You might also want to pick up a basic book on NLP. I suggest NLP The Essential Guide by Tom Dotz and
the NLP Comprehensive Team.


11. What software do I need to run my life coaching business?

You need two different programs.

One for managing your money, and a database program for managing clients.

A good finance program is Quicken. It's easy to use and very thorough. Excel is also good but will likely require some training.

As for databases - I use ACT! though you may want to check at office depot and see what new programs are on the market. Most are under $200.

You do NOT need a high end database, or an advanced financial program like Quick books

Just get something simple and practice using it.



12. What are the steps to becoming a professional certified life coach?

Step 1: Get Informed
Your first step is to learn about this profession and determine if it's really a good fit for you.

-> Attend our Evening of Life Coaching workshop. It's a great way to really learn about this career.
-> Opt in to our 7 Things To Know About Being a Life Coach FREE articles/audios


Step 2: Get Good Coaching Training and be Certified
It's vital to get quality in-person training as a coach. Get an in-depth curriculum like ours, and don't settle for a dumbed-down version of life coaching which is about 80% of what's being offered out there today.

--> Enroll in our in depth 3-day Life Coach Certification Training.


Step 3: Learn How To Market & Promote Your Life Coaching Business
Marketing is going to be 50% or MORE of your success. It's VITAL that you get some good training
in how to get clients, keep them and exceed their expectations consistently. This is at least half of your career training.

--> Enroll in our Business of Life Coaching 3-day training to learn no-cost and low-cost marketing techniques and how to use them to build a thriving life coaching practice.


Step 4: Build Your Business
The action plan we'll give you will show you how to create a $50k a year business, and a $100k a year business as a life coach.Follow the steps and check off the action steps one after another. It will take around 6 months to build a solid business with continuity income from clients who have signed contracts with you for 6-12 months at a time.

If you work at it full time, you may be able to do it faster.

--> Follow the Action Plan we've given you in the Business of Life Coaching training
--> Enroll in our Professional Life Coach Support Program for ongoing support


Step 5: Continuously Learn & Improve Your Skills
--> Do more training and improve your skills. The best people in their professions always do this. Always be learning and improving, and going to workshops and seminars etc.

Consider our NLP Hypnosis training and our Master Coach training plus our NLP Master Practitioner Certification training.


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