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An Evening of Life Coaching
An evening workshop to introduce you to the career of life coaching. Ask questions,
see a demonstration of NLP and life coaching and more. 3 hours - $39 per person.

The 7 Things You Need to Know About Becoming a Life Coach
Seven articles / audios that cover everything you need to know if you're considering
a career as a life coach. FREE.


Career Trainings

These two trainings prepare you for a successful career as a life coach:

Life Coach Certification Training
A comprehensive training for becoming a certified life coach.
3 days. The in depth curriculum includes six NLP skill sets and several therapeutic interventions. Tuition is $997. Payment Plans: 2 payments. Prerequisites: None. Certificate Awarded: Certified Life Coach.

The Business of Life Coaching
A state of the art coaching program for creating a thriving life coach business. Learn LOW cost and NO cost ways to get clients and have more than enough business. Online marketing and a $50k a year income plan and $100k a year income plan is also included. Extensive handouts, action steps and assignments.
Five 1-hour phone coaching sessions. . Early bird discounts available. Regular tuition is $2500. For our certified coaches, it's half price -> $1250. Prerequisites: None.

Support Program

Our Professional Coach Support Program
Monthly support program for our life coaches. $47 a month.
Prerequisites: Life Coach Certification Training AND The Business of Life Coaching Training.


Optional Advanced Trainings

Master Coach Training - NLP Practitioner Certification
An advanced training teaching over 27 therapeutic interventions and NLP techniques, plus belief change processes. 3 days. Includes the second half of the 12 skills required for NLP Practitioner Certification. Early bird discounts available. For our certified coaches it's half price -> $1997. Payment plans: 3 payments.
Prerequisites: None
Certificate Awarded: This training only -> Master Coach
Certificate Awarded: This traiining & Life Coach Cert. -> Certified NLP Practitioner and Master Coach.

Master Coach Therapeutic Patterns
Brief descriptions of the 27 therapeutic interventions in our Master Coach Training.

The 12 Skills of NLP
An overview of NLP and the 12 skills required to become a Certified NLP Practitioner. Learning how to do the 12 skills of NLP in confluence is to be able to "Generate NLP".

Hypnosis and NLP
Advances language pattern training for coaches and healers.
Hypnotic inductions and Ericksonian hypnosis for creating positive change and potentiating resources at the subconscious level. 3 days. Regular tuition is $1997. Special discounts are offered to our certified coaches. Prerequisites: None. Payment Plans: 3 payments. Certificate Awarded: Certified Hypnotist

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training
Advanced therapeutic Interventions, belief change processes, Identify level change patterns, time lines and meta-programs make up this special NLP training. 3 days. Regular tuition is $1997. Prerequisite:Our Master Coach Training.or equivalent NLP Practitioner Certification training. Special discounts for our certified coaches.Payment Plans: 3 payments. Certificate Awarded: Certified NLP Master Practitioner



* Prices above show our EARLY BIRD discounted tuition rates.

* Seating is limited at all trainings and most of our trainings sell out.

* The most current tuition rates are shown on each training page.

* Certificates are awarded by the NLP & Coaching Institute of Colorado


Referral Program

Our Ambassador Program
Make money by referring people to our trainings.


What are the Steps to Becoming a Professional Certified Life Coach?

Step 1: Get Informed
Your first step is to learn about this profession and determine if it's really a good fit for you.

-> Attend our Evening of Life Coaching workshop. A great way to learn about this career.
-> Opt in to our 7 Things To Know About Being a Life Coach FREE articles/audios


Step 2: Get Good Coaching Training and be Certified
It's vital to get quality in-person training as a coach. Get an in-depth curriculum like ours, and don't settle for a dumbed-down version of life coaching which is about 80% of what's being offered out there today.

--> Enroll in our in depth 3-day Life Coach Certification Training.


Step 3: Learn How To Market & Promote Your Life Coaching Business
Marketing is going to be 50% or MORE of your success. It's VITAL that you get some good training in how to get clients, keep them and exceed their expectations consistently. This is at least half of your career training.

--> Enroll in our Business of Life Coaching 3-day training to learn no-cost and low-cost marketing techniques and how to use them to build a thriving life coaching practice.


Step 4: Build Your Business
The action plan we'll give you will show you how to create a $50k a year business, and a $100k a year business as a life coach.Follow the steps and check off the action steps one after another. It will take around 6 months to build a solid business with continuity income from clients who have signed contracts with you for 6-12 months at a time.

If you work at it full time, you may be able to do it faster.

--> Follow the Action Plan we've given you in the Business of Life Coaching training
--> Enroll in our Professional Life Coach Support Program for ongoing support


Step 5: Continuously Learn & Improve Your Skills
Do more training and improve your skills. The best people in their professions always do this. Always be learning and improving, and going to workshops and seminars etc.

Consider our NLP Hypnosis training and our Master Coach training plus our NLP Master Practitioner Certification training.


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