Professional Life Coach Support Program


This program is especially designed to give you the support you need as you are beginning your new career as a life coach.


What You Get

Monthly Life Coach Online Newsletter

Receive an email every month packed with tips and insights for professional life coaches.

Articles include topics such as coaching experiences, career tips, book recommendations, small business tips, marketing and promotion and many more.

This is an excellent way to stay current and learn more about your new profession.



Q and A With Alexander

Ask any question you want any time you want.

Get stuck? Something unexpected come up? Need help with marketing?

Alexander will post answers to your questions on our web site twice a month. Sometimes he records his answer on audio.


Online Resources

All of the answers to the questions asked by the coaches in this program are archived on our web site.

You may access the Professional Life Coach Archives any time you wish. So you have access to an enormous set of resources any time you need them - - > 24/7.



Every couple of months or so, we schedule a Sunday brunch for our certified coaches.

You are always welcome to attend.

Network with other life coaches, exchange ideas, celebrate and share your successes and build relationships in your profession. This is a great way to be part of a community of local coaches.

Brunch is not included.


How Much Is It?

$47 a month.

You may quit any time you wish.


You must have completed both our Life Coach Certification training AND our Business of Life Coaching training to qualify for this program.

How To Sign Up

Enroll online right here.
Pay Pal is a payment option via our shopping cart.


Life Coach Support Program
$47 a Month



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