What is NLP?

And Why Is It So Effective?


What is NLP? NLP stands for Neurolinguistic programming. It has been defined in many ways.

NLP is a way to be at your best more often.

NLP is a special set of skills that, once learned, allow anyone to tap more of their inherent potential on a regular basis.

NLP is the study and utilization of the structure of human experience.

NLP is the ability to model human excellence with precision and skill.

Now practiced in over 100 countries, NLP appeals to a wide range of professionals including real estate agents, attorneys, entrepreneurs, educators, executives & therapists.

Most importantly, NLP is the change technology of our time, and an essential skill for any life coach.

NLP is Especially Effective in 5 Areas

Personal Growth and DevelopmentPersonal Growth and Transformation
The many patterns and techniques of NLP are a veritable gold mine of valuable tools for personal development including strategies for effective decision making, motivation, learning, creativity, and ongoing improvement.

Themes like values, unification and internal communication are included,plus numerous ways to stay focused upon and attain your goals.

NLP includes specific techniques for accessing your most resourceful emotions and minimizing the destructive effect of negative patterns and cycles.

Therapeutic Interventions Therapeutic Applications & Healing
Therapists and healers from many traditions experience more effectiveness with their clients by applying the basic concepts of NLP.  NLP is famous for it's numerous therapeutic interventions.

These interventions include The Fast Phobia Procedure, The Outcome Frame, Re-imprinting, Changing Personal History, Future Pacing, Belief Change Methods, Identity Expansion, and specific (modeled) strategies for mental and physical health.

Improve Relationships and CommunicationRelationships & Communication
People in all walks of life credit NLP for helping them have better relationships.

Specific techniques for increasing rapport, resolving inner and outer conflicts, communicating more effectively, win/win negotiating, and a host of other methods will allow you to experience a new level of satisfaction with family, friends, and colleagues in addition to having a better relationships with yourself.

Improving SkillsImproving and Developing Skills
From athletic performance to motivation to public relations, NLP includes a number of generative skills that, when learned and developed, result in the ability to develop virtually any capability more quickly.


Peak Performance Achieving Extraordinary
(Peak) Performance

Since anything anyone can do, in any field of human endeavor, can be modeled using NLP, an entire range of extraordinary skills may be acquired  with uncanny accuracy.

Practitioners of NLP soon find themselves achieving things which were previously difficult, if not seemingly impossible before.



3. Modalities & Sub modalities

Learn to effect human behavior at the deepest level for long term results. Learn to identify and influence the very structure of experience itself. Know how and why certain people succeed more often while others do not.

Know exactly what to change to get a better result. Discover a simple model for behavior that lets you get results time and time again. To understand modalities is to know what makes people tick, how they organize their world and how to influence behavior more effectively.


5. Outcomes

Learn to establish well formed outcomes. Clarity is super magnetism, and one of the most important habits for manifesting your desires and being a genuine resource for others.

Specifying your goals and dreams in this particular way will empower you to accomplish your goals more quickly and easily and assist others to do the same.

Be able to move any interaction in a positive direction easily and naturally. Reduce wasted time and energy when working on important projects. Learn to make your future compelling so it motivates you to action!  


6. Re framing

What is happening in your life is far less important than how you are choosing to interpret and perceive what is happening. It is how you respond to what's happening that matters. And it is easier to respond effectively when you are interpreting the situation in a resourceful way.

NLP has taken the art of 'choosing your perception' to the max. It's vital to learn how to perceive any situation in a way that empowers you.

Once you heighten your re framing ability, you will never again experience problems in quite the same way. For one thing, problems and difficulties won't overwhelm you. Secondly, they become resources automatically.

Most people find this way of living difficult to imagine, and yet with re framing capabilities you will be able to remember to choose and determine the meaning of virtually every event in your life.

It's quite accurate to say that your resources increase geometrically once you truly become proficient in re framing.

7. Ecology

Ecology is the ability to make any change (in actions, beliefs, skills, identity or values) align with your life system so it is in harmony with your most closely held values, beliefs and way of life. Healers and therapists who do not understand and use ecology are dangerous.

This skill will allow you to eliminate what is commonly referred to as 'secondary gain'. Ecology helps you turn problems into resources and difficulties into the perfect ingredient for obtaining your objectives.

8. Strategies (cognitive Patterns)

In NLP the word 'strategies' refers to a specific cognitive sequence that creates a particular result. In other words, a strategy is a combination of pictures, sounds and feelings that produce a result like motivation or creativity.

This training will show you how to up-level your personal strategies for motivation, creativity, learning, improvement, decision making and organizing time.

Learning 'strategies' will help you notice what you're doing when things are working well, and to do it more often and in more places in your life.

Conversely, you'll recognize more consciously what it is you do when things are not working, and replace those things with methods that do work.

9. The Meta Model

Learn the meta model, a way to cut through the fluff of generalizations, distortions and deletions used by yourself and others.

The meta model is a superlative tool that will allow you to gather information better and more accurately than ever before.


10. The Milton Model

Learn to use language masterfully. Influence and communicate with yourself and others more effectively and elegantly. Energy flows where attention goes; and attention is directed by language! Learn to direct and control attention and energy using language.

Learn Ericksonian hypnosis, one of the most powerful and effective methods of creating and utilizing trance states to potentiate resources.

Apply hypnotic language patterns to induce trance states, change beliefs, structure identity, facilitate outcomes and enhance values and relationships, all in the space of a normal conversation.

We have a special seminar devoted entirely to mastering the Milton Model.

It's called Hypnosis NLP


Definitions of NLP

The study and utilization of the structure of subjective experience.

A model for creating positive, ecological and rapid change.

A methodology for codifying any form of behavioral excellence in detail so that it can be reproduced.

A set of skills that, when generated in confluence, allow any person to be exceptionally resourceful in any context and tap more of their natural potential.


Modeling Excellence

Perhaps the best way to understand NLP is to get an idea of what behavioral modeling  is, since modeling and NLP go hand in hand.

Behavioral modeling is the ability to elicit the very structure of any experience with precision so that the result can be reproduced at will.

Top corporations around the world are teaching their executives how to model with NLP. Why? Because an employee who can model well, can literally go to any part of an organization and duplicate the strategy of top performers there.

Then they can demonstrate and teach that strategy to other departments or individuals within that company. In so doing, an organization builds unlimited strengths from within.

You can do the same thing on a personal level. With NLP you can model the way a thin person eats, and so attain your ideal weight.  Or you can model the way a motivated person cheerfully gets out of bed in the morning. The possibilities are endless.

Behavioral modeling is NLP's key to creating and living the life of your dreams and getting the results you have always wanted. NLP has made learning the skill of modeling excellence readily available so that anyone can learn to do it.

NLP opens up a whole new world. It's the real, day to day world we live in, but now anything has become possible.


Generating NLP - ALL 12 Skills

Something special happens when a person acquires this unique set of skills.

There is something about having all 12 of them, and being able to overlap them at will, that makes a person extraordinarily resourceful.

Having these skills in combination opens a gateway to unlimited potential.

You can learn to generate NLP and become a Certified Practitioner of NLP at our Life Coach Certification Training and Master Coach Trainings.

Learn advanced NLP skills in our NLP Master Practitioner Training.


The 12 Skills of NLP

Here are the 12 skills of NLP.

To be certified as a Master Coach and NLP Practitioner:

Learn the first 6 skills in our Life Coach Certification Training.
Learn the final 6 skills in our Master Coach Training.


1. Rapport

Connect with others more quickly and easily. Create trust and more open and honest communication in your relationships. Deepen and improve your relationships with friends, colleagues, spouse and children. Establish an atmosphere of ongoing friendliness with people you have just met. 

Rapport skills include several abilities including calibrating the emotional state and response of others, utilizing multiple perceptual positions to genuinely get the other person's point of view, sensory acuity and utilizing other people's map of the world.

If you want to improve any particular relationship in your life, or simply improve your communication skills over all, this module is for you.

Sensory Acuity

Learn to use the subtle non verbal cues of others to deepen understanding and clarify communication.

Obtain the valuable information you need to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Easily identify unconscious patterns in others. 


2. Presuppositions

The heart of NLP and of long term change is living by new "presuppositions". These are ways of perceiving that will make you more effective and resourceful in every situation you encounter. Once you learn them, you will experience hundreds of other positive changes and benefits automatically, as a result.

These (mostly NLP based) presuppositions were modeled over 20 years ago from extraordinary people who were highly effective in fields like medicine, therapy, hypnotherapy and science.

Perceptual Positions

One definition of genius is the ability to perceive things from multiple points of view. One look at da Vinci's notebooks, or the work of geniuses like Disney or Michelangelo, and you'll notice an astounding yet undeniable use of multiple points of view.

Skill in multiple points of view will allow you to obtain a level of information gathering far beyond the norm.

Entire horizons of possibilities and complete classes of resources are only accessible when you have learned to view all time frames (your past, present and future) from multiple viewpoints.


4. Emotional State Management and Anchoring

Learn the core skills for exceptional state management. Feeling good is important to all of us and is especially vital if you're in sales, management or leadership. If you want to be a champion, you must spend time in extraordinary (peak performance) states.

This section of the training will show you how to elicit optimum states in yourself and then cause them to become automatic habits.

The first secret of state management is to condition yourself to feel good more often. One helpful key to doing this is to eliminate harmful patterns and painful memories that may be preventing you from feeling good more of the time.

But that's just the beginning. The heart of exceptional state management is to acquire the ability to trigger your self into your most resourceful emotions at will.

Experience more time in positive emotional states like flow and momentum. If you don't feel good every single day, this module will show you how.

Many of my students feel that the state management skills taught in this course are worth the entire amount they invested in the training.

The basic state management skills we will cover include:

Eliciting emotional states in yourself and others.
Maintaining resourceful emotional states.
Amplifying emotional states.
Calibrating (identifying) to emotional states.
Anchoring certain emotions when you need them.
Cultivating and increasing emotional flexibility.
Extraordinary states: momentum, creativity, or flow
Interrupting destructive and unpleasant emotions
Creating, triggering and extending the length of time you spend in extraordinary, peak performance states.


11. Future Pacing

To future pace is to install something in your future so it is permanent. This skill virtually guarantees that your future will be better than your past.

Make sure you have the specific skills and information you need at important times an places in your future. Learn to install behaviors, beliefs, skills, viewpoints and values so they are permanent and automatic.

12. Therapeutic Interventions

Learn specific optimum patterns for eliminating fears, phobias and compulsions, creating motivation, building self esteem and confidence, eliminating procrastination, creating new behaviors, stopping bad habits and much more. You'll learn a simple 7 step process for doing change work with NLP.

Over 27 proven Therapeutic Change Patterns are included in our NLP Practitioner Certification Training including:

Changing Personal History
The Fast Phobia/Trauma Procedure
Creating a Compelling Future
The VIsual Swish - Self Image Pattern
The New Action Generator
The Outcome Frame
The Motivation Strategy
Mapping Across with Sub Modalities
Eliciting Cognitive Strategies
The Day End Review - A Resource Generator
Anchoring Resource States
The Emotions as Resources Pattern
An Accelerated Learning Strategy
Six Step Re framing
The Meaning Re Framing Change Pattern
The Auditory Swish
The Small Chunk Progress Stack
Turning The Mind Into An Ally
Future Pacing
The Sub Modality Change Pattern
The Values Dashboard - A Life Balance Process
The Behavioral Leverage Frame
The Self Esteem Generator
The Slender Eating Strategy
The Confidence Creator
Overcome Stage Fright
Eliminate Worry

For details about these change patterns, please see Master Coach Therapeutic Change Patterns.


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What Some Of Our Students Say

"I am so much more enlightened and have become a better communicator with your guidance.
This course has been significantly helpful in working with prospective patients."
Duane Roberts, Senior Counselor, Bosley Medical Group

"Alexander's NLP training has caused me to change my entire way of viewing human communication
for the better. I learned skills, tools and techniques I couldn't get any where else before."
Chris Cathey, Communications Student 

"When we brought our mom to see you she'd been grieving the loss of our father for over a year.
She'd cry in the middle of the day for no reason and had lost her motivation. We didn't know what to do. It sill amazes me that you
changed all that in just one session. Now she's her old self again. How could we ever thank you."
Jerry and Jason Misa

"A year ago, I would have never believed I could make the changes I have Not only do
I have the confidence to do it, but I really did it. Alexander's Master Practitioner
Training gave me the tools to effectively change from 21 years of auto repair to the exciting field of real estate."
Robert Conz, Realtor, March 26, 2002

"My NLP skills are literally opening doors for me that, in the past, were closed, some even locked,
for so long and now, they are swinging open before I even knock. I have a new job.
.and now make more money than I have in the past.
Susan Waits, Legal Assistant