Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

A 1 Day Seminar in Denver

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Seminar in Denver Colorado
Learn how to prepare and deliver presentations
with ease, and begin speaking in public
with confidence and skill . . . at this 1-day seminar

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Overview of this seminar

Public Speaking Seminar This seminar can include up to FOUR dynamic modules.

It will show you, step by step, how to prepare any presentation you have to make and deliver it with confidence and poise.

This is an ideal way to learn professional speaking skills rapidly and save yourself years of struggle and trial and error.

If you have an upcoming speech to make or simply want to learn how to speak confidently and well in public before small groups and large audiences, this seminar is for you!


Deliver Your Speech Confidently & Well

This section will focus on the most important presentation skills and techniques for ensuring a confident, professional presentation; one that your audience finds informative and enjoyable.

Opening and closing your speech
4 ways to memorize your speech
How to improvise and ad-lib
The secret to being relaxed in front of an audience
How to create your optimum presentation state
Discover and develop your own speaking style
Using gestures, eye contact
How to use a microphone and work from a podium
Keys to using multimedia effectively
How to answer questions
How to deliver bad news elegantly when necessary


Present Yourself & Your Ideas Better

Presentation skills are not just for the stage.
They're useful in multiple settings that you find yourself in every day.

And how well you present your SELF and your ideas makes a big difference.

Successful managers and executives present themselves more professionally than others.

They communicate with confidence, clarity, authority, elegance and style.

The secret for creating trust and rapport
3 ways to make the other person feel heard
How to present your ideas so they are remembered
The most important thing to remember
What to say when they disagree or resist
How to make your ideas more compelling
The precise pattern for being more succinct
How to get feedback on your ideas
How to avoid losing credibility
How to have more authority and yet be liked

The techniques in this module will make you a better presenter when it comes to expressing your ideas and presenting them to others.

You will be more effective when presenting at meetings, in front of team members and when speaking with clients and customers over the phone or in person.


Learn Professional Speaking Basics

Learn and review the fundamental skills of public speaking. This module will show you an overall approach to giving effective and well received presentations.

How to overcome nervousness
The A B C's of assessing your audience effectively
How to build quality content for your speeches
How to have confidence when speaking in public
The 5 mistakes amateur speakers make
How to scope out the layout and working area
5 habits that give you that professional look and feel
How to turn yourself into a good speaker


Prepare Your Speech

public speaking skills training Preparing for a presentation is a simple process, and once you learn how, you'll be able to get ready for any presentation you have to give and know your speech will be effective.

The process you'll learn in this section is used by hundreds of professional speakers and is guaranteed to work.

How to prepare any presentation
How to rehearse your speech
Determining the outcome of your presentation
How to organize your ideas
The four best ways to learn about any audience
How to create your back up plan for the unexpected
Creating positive expectation in your self


Make Your Presentations Shine

Speaking Skills In this section you'll learn a set of simple yet powerful techniques for making sure your presentations get rave reviews.

You'll learn ways to make an emotional impact and present speeches that stand out and are remembered.

Making your presentations dynamic
7 things that make every presentation memorable
Adding appropriate humor
Using metaphors, stories and quotes
How to add emotional punch to any speech
The 5 ways to make any speech unforgettable
Adding special anchoring for impact
Using tonality, pauses and rhythm for dramatic effect
Telling your core story
Ways to build trust and credibility with your audience
Top 10 Power Point tips to remember and use


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