Time Management, Productivity & Organization Skills

A 1 Day Seminar in Denver

Increase your Productivity, Get More Done
in Less Time,
Eliminate Your Time Wasters and
Manage Multiple Priorities and Projects

More Effectively Than EVER Before

Time Management Seminars and Trainings in Denver
This seminar is exclusively devoted to helping you identify
and accomplishment your most vital priorities on a regular basis.

When: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 10am - 5pm - SOLD OUT
The Holiday Inn Denver on Quebec
How Much:
$229 per person
Seating: Limited to the first 20 people who enroll
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It includes the primary patterns for managing time well, along with key exercises for managing multiple projects, priorities and deadlines.

Also included is a special module for getting more organized - and a final exercise to help you create your own personal plan of action for managing your time more effectively.


The Skills of Time Management

This module overviews the essential principles of managing time well. Time management is clearly defined as 'Identifying and accomplishing your most vital priories'.

The essential patterns and skills of excellent time managers are covered in detail along with helpful tips for incorporating them into your own habits.

Learn the most effective techniques for consistently identifying your most important priorities, beginning them immediately, handling and eliminating interruptions and finishing what's most important.

This is not the usual day planner - organize better - put first things first type material.

It is a highly focused one hour workshop that imparts a refined set of the most effective patterns for managing time so participants know precisely what to do different to consistently complete and accomplish their most vital priorities on a regular basis in any situation or environment.


Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects

clarity is power when it comes to timeThis module will show you how to identify your top priorities in each important area of life, both personally and professionally and do it better than ever before.

Then you'll learn the #1 primary technique for beginning your top priority immediately and finishing it. No other habit in time management is more important than this one!

In this module, you'll learn several techniques for being constantly aware of your top priority along with ways to get yourself to begin it immediately.


Rejuvenation techniques for having more energy
Handling interruptions more effectively
How to know what is a priority
The secret of handling 'urgent' items
3 ways to manage multiple projects effectively



Learn ways to get things done through others.

This module will show you a complete system for delegating more effectively.

Special language and responses are included so you are able to know what's been handed off to whom.

How to get people to report to you
The 5 step delegation process
How to make sure something is really delegated
How to avoid the most common delegation mistakes
The 1 secret of delegating to know


Overcoming Interruptions

One of the biggest time wasters is interruptions.

Learn planned responses to the interruptions you experience most often.

The most common time wasters and how to handle them
How to stop the king or queen of gossip
Open door, closed door - what to do with it
Separating the urgent from the vital
The 3 keys to eliminating interruptions

Your Daily Plan - Implementation

This final 15 minutes of this seminar is a module that is committed to ensuring each participant knows exactly what they will do differently to manage their time more effectively.

Each participant creates their own plan of action and identifies the primary set of changes they need to make to be more effective with their time.

Handout: Your Action Plan
Exercise: The Time Management Drivers


Is This Seminar For You?

This seminar is ideal for teams, groups, small businesses and anyone who want to be more effective when it comes to how they manage their time.

This seminar is especially valuable for anyone who is noticing any of these problems and symptoms:

Important things aren't getting done
Overwhelm from too many things to do
A nagging feeling from lots of small incomplete things
Difficulty getting started or completing things
Procrastinating things you know you should do
Not knowing what's most important
Everything feels important - so what do you do first
Confusion on what or how to delegate
Too many emails, time spent opening them
Planning and organizing what to do
Less present than you'd like to be
Too much time spent in wasted memories or worrying


Maximize Your Productivity

Suspended in time In this module we will identify the most important ways to maximize your productivity and get more done in less time.

Whatever it is you're struggling with regarding your time, we will generate solutions on the spot.

Issues that often get resolved in this session include:

How to deal with overwhelm
Managing multiple projects
Completing things
How to know what's most important
How to know when you have too much on your plate
How and when to delegate
What to do about numerous incomplete things
How to motivate yourself to get started
Identifying priorities - and how to put them first
How to stop checking your emails all day long
How to handle interruptions
And many more



This module will help you get control of your schedule and find the best method of scheduling for you.

Learn how to block and organize A's, B's and C's, and to make certain that the A's are scheduled first.

This module also covers some techniques for organizing multiple projects and will give you several techniques for staying on top of deadlines so you get more done with less hassle.


Getting More Time

In this module you'll learn several advanced ways to maximize your time and get more done in less time. These are special, advanced time usage techniques.

Learn how to stack time
How to use your peak energy zones
Leverage techniques
How to make time slow down and speed up
How to 'ricochet' time
Delegation language
Increasing energy to get 'more' time
Time management technique for better life balance
Techniques for making your time produce more
Elevating time


Getting Better Organized

The ability to be more organized can improve your management of time significantly and will allow you to get more done . . . with less effort.

Files, folders and notes
Open door, closed door
Separating the urgent from the vital
The 3 most effective ways to eliminating interruptions


Handling Emails

Check your emails too many times a day? Who doesn't.

This method of handling emails will save you hours of wasted time and energy and help you get back to spending focused time on high priorities.


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1 Day Time Management Seminar in Denver
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